Sunday, 17 October 2010


Yesterday was mission: drink.

Oktoberfest at the Regalia Hotel began supposedly at 1pm and ended at 12 midnight... we were the first people there at 2pm and I vaguely remember us leaving around 11.30pm when the drinks had seen people off. So basically we were ultimate lads and saw everyone arrive and most people leave.

The crowd was half expats, half Chinese so it was fairly entertaining once the beer had worked its magic. I had an indepth discussion with one Chinese gentleman for perhaps an hour, no idea what about, but I must have liked his chat. There was arm wrestling, dart competitions, a small child dressed like Frank Sinatra, some western singers with beanie hats and acoustic guitars, and pour-your-own pilsner... so all in all an event to remember.

We made it home in a taxi by some miracle, with Iain drunkenly repeating 'thank you' to the poor guy the whole journey. This morning we were not a pretty sight. But a McDonalds soon cheered us up...

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