Saturday, 30 October 2010

Power mad

This week and next I am doing my final exams for the spoken English classes at SEU, as after next week I get four whole new groups to start from scratch with again. Maybe I am getting a bit carried away with this new-found ability to grade people, but I'm rather enjoying myself. I'm using the grade scale that I've been set via email - give them a mark out of 100. When I tried to ask for more details I was told that it's fine, don't worry, and a pass mark was 60. 

So - I have dreamed up the ultimate scoring system. This involves a mix of how well I remember each person from the last 9 weeks, whether they giggle or not when I talk to them, and how little they read aloud in their presentations. The top scorers therefore are very well known, non-giggling, non-reading aloud people. They are few and far between.

  And if I hear another person say 'every coin has two sides', I will cry.

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