Friday, 22 October 2010

Teaching and Biking

 I will present to you some photographic evidence of my teaching campus  all the way down in Jiangning... 

Nice and sparse as you can see... Above is the library - the big, sprawling structure of it is certainly a sight to behold, no?

I only teach here one day a week, but its a mission and a half to get down here and a mission and a half to walk around the bloody thing. In the morning I teach at the graduate side of campus, and in the afternoons now I give the British culture lecture at the undergraduate side. It literally takes me 20 minutes to walk there from the grad side, and there is really no reason for the campus to be this spread out, or at least not one I can think of...

In other news, our pretty little bikes took us on a wee bike ride the other day, around the lake in our bike garden, XuanWu. We managed to half-catch a sunset (a rare treat here recently in the smoggy weather) before we were turfed out of our bench by some people with big professional cameras. We weren't about to argue with media-looking types so we cycled off back home gladly. We even stopped off half way and had a muffin and a pastry as a treat for all our hard work pedalling (guess which one I had!)




  1. muffin. not for breakfast either you weirdo.

  2. ahhh, hannah and iains bikes, sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g