Saturday, 13 November 2010

Pandas, Parents and Presents

There are three things I would like to update you on today.

The first is that my favourite door guard guy here in our building, the one that me and Iain call 'Panda man' for his friendly demenour and look-a-likey status to the very animal, saw my Panda jumper today, pointed at where the panda was on my chest, and gave a massive thumbs up. He definitely knows what he likes. And it was clearly the panda and not my actual chest.

The second is that my Parent's Day showcase showdown was a relative success. Despite many of the dads being on their mobiles pretty much the whole time, we had a few laughs, had a rousing sing-a-long, and none of the kids made a mistake which would be the type to lead to them getting no dessert with their dinner that night... hopefully.

The third and final update is that I have now finished my exams with the first four university classes. Hurrah! There's now four fresh groups of students to poke into talking every week, which will definitely be more fun second time round. I will actually see at least one of my ex-students again though... he emailed me and asked for his grade, I told him what he had scored, he asked to be given a better mark of 75 instead. I was very confused after being asked to just give a nicer number, and said I couldn't do that really, not without a resit. So I will see the happy chappy again at Christmas time!

Here is one parting gift I was given:

It's a snowglobe that also lights up with a variety of colour patterns... I love it.

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