Sunday, 28 November 2010

Thanks for the giving

We had a rather lovely Thanksgiving pretending to be American with our Americano friends. We had a feast worthy of kings laid out on a very long table which made things quite official. Apparently you don't normally eat KFC buckets as your central item, but I enjoyed that part very much. We also had a wide array of dishes including yummy cheesy pasta, broccoli and crackers, green beans, mashed potato, cheesy mashed potato, turkey subs from subway (oh yes) and then more... plus desserts, which were amazing, and all home-made by the chef supreme David. I had a bit of all three naturally, seeing as I was a newbie to one of the desserts... pumpkin pie! It was uber tasty too.

And now for this week the celebration will be... my birthday! To Shanghai we go...

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