Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Question Master

Last night I was a 'famous English teacher' who took on the role of QUESTION MASTER 3000 at the 5th Annual English speaking contest. Apparently now I am indeed famous, it's how I always planned... 

To kick off the proceedings we had a perky exchange student from India singing a song... in his native language. Now obviously I am all for multiculturalism but an Indian exchange student singing not in English at an English speech contest in China to 99% Chinese attendees was fairly odd. It doesn't even sound possible when you write it down. Then the 13 finalists (yes, there had been first and second stages...) got started on their pre-prepared talks. Most were either on 'If I were Barack Obama' (note: spelt Brack Obama in the programme) or 'If I were Bill Gates' but four of the 13 did 'If I were the President of the University'... and my task was to listen in earnest to their tales and think of a question frantically which I could ask them afterwards... hence, question master. Just about managed to think of a suitable question for all 13, but when it got to Vol. IV of the presidents, it did get a bit tricky to remain original.

We crowned the winner after another exchange student took to the stage and sang not one but two numbers, one of which featured an English rap section. He didn't break into a rap though sadly. He did, however, have rather good dance moves. 

To finish off the night there were many, many photos, and a fair few prizes. There was a first prize, three second prizes, and everyone else was given third place. How's that for fairness?

And just to round off this post, I'll leave you with an image of most lecture rooms here:

 Heads on desk.

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