Saturday, 1 January 2011

Christmas and NYE in Nanjing

Not surprisingly, Christmas and New Year's was slightly bizarre here in Nanjing. Christmas was bizarre in a great way - Sieb visited and was my little Dutch pet for the weekend, we had a lot of fine food (albeit not v traditional) for our Christmas lunch with a big lovely group of people, some amazing presents were both given and received, and we watched a sufficient amount of Christmassy films. I personally was given a Totoro cushion with hand holes to keep your fingers nice and toasty, two plants, Inception, three books courtesy of amazon.netherlands (haha) and an excellent secret santa of a grey snood and a cat mug (see picture below!).

NYE however was bizarre in both a good and a bad way. We saw in 2011 on the 49th Floor of the Zifeng tower (see below) with our Americano friends, watched Shakira perform live on Jiangsu TV's NYE countdown show, and also watched a fair few people dance in the room's hot tub. And when we were departing the lift to leave the hotel, we managed to walk into none other than Ms. Shakria herself! We had heard she was staying there but the timing was rather impeccable. We stared like true Chinese citizens, watching her bodyguards look protective whilst a doting Chinese fan got her autograph and a photo. She is literally a tiny tiny person, and she was quickly bundled into the lift we'd just stepped out of and that was that.

(Shakira also seemingly visited the Great Walll...)

Then for New Year's Day I had a treat - the wine I'd drunk (Great Wall if you want the details) was definitely not a fine wine, and I have since been v. v. v. ill. Happy 2011 one and all!

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