Sunday, 27 February 2011

A series of photographs... #4 Animals

Our favourite animals from the trip...

Most unfortunate looking animal. As seen in Kuala Lumpur.

Friendliest animal. As seen on Koh Lipe.

Most 'hilarious despite it being wrong to laugh at disabled legs' animal. As seen on Langkawi.

Most famous animal (can you spot baby Nemo?!) As seen in the waters of Koh Lipe.

And finally, the 'most ridiculously cute thing you have ever seen in your life and it makes you want to cry just looking at it' animal.

A series of photographs... #3 Odd Sights

The first in the odd sights category is this gem taken in Kuala Lumpur. Obviously the Chinese New Year lion holds up the shopping crowds as he takes the escalator up to his favourite shop... it's an everyday occurrence. 

The second is this marvelously named shop... no explanation needed surely?

Winner of the best 'looks like is photoshopped but honestly isn't' photo 2011.

For all you All American Rejects out there.

Weirdest combination of images in one photograph possible. I promise this was not photoshopped... clearly I am more artistic than I originally thought.

A series of photographs... #2 Looking Up

The second: Looking Up. We craned our necks a lot this holiday.

A series of photographs... #1 Feet

I'm going to present a few series of photos that we took on our recent holidays... 

The first: feet.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Back again

The time has sadly come to update again from Nanjing. Yes, this means holiday adventuretime is truly over now, sniff sniff. We have been back one whole week as of tomorrow, and it already feels like we haven't been anywhere at all.

Our holiday was vair nice though, even if it is now a distant memory (can you tell I'm happy to be back?!) We visited Hong Kong again and got all nostalgic, even eating in our old canteens again... 'canteens' because I ate at the good canteen and Iain used to eat at the rubbish one over by the Tiananmen Square statue. I got my beautiful Veggie Malaysian Curry, and it was just the same as two years ago - perfect. Basically all we did in HK was eat in our old fav restaurants... although we did manage to see our friend Keno and even managed to get into a club opening night with him, free champagne included!!

After HK we took a whistle stop tour of Cambodia, Malaysia and ended up in southern Thailand, on Koh Lipe, where we stopped for an entire week simply because it is literally paradise. Snorkelling took up most of our time which was great (see the underwater photos soon to come on facebook!) but also meant at one point we both looked v tanned on our backsides and pasty white on our frontsides. The food was pretty tasty, I have to admit I ate green curry more or less once every day... I tried to venture into new terrains but it was just never as good.

Now, however, it is back to work, back to teaching, back to having many a dilemma (no hot water in our entire building for starters...) We have already eaten in all our favourite places here so it's the old cycle route of restaurants starting again, and I've been to Ellen's bar twice... home sweet home! This semester I am determined to up my Mandarin skills, even though I am stubbornly rejecting any real hope of being even mildly good at it. We're also planning activity weekends in Huangshan and Hangzhou... and soon we will be on project summer adventuretime - watch this space!

The most interesting news update however is this - we have rats in the building. Not the actual animals, but human rats. I have played the reluctant detective under the management of a close Chinese friend many a time this week and the conclusion is this: one of our door guards has secret showers when on duty. SHOCKER!