Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hangzhou, oh...

This weekend we took a merry trip to soothe our post holiday blues (yes, they've lasted a month... right into late, late March) all the way down south to Hangzhou.

Despite it only being 4 hours south of Nanjing in real factual terms, it did seem quite appropriately far away weather wise. Nanjing's weather recently has been utter utter rubbish... cold, rainy and miserable, whereas upon arrival Hangzhou was sunny and smiley.

Sadly the improvements stopped there. Hangzhou minus all the following complaints is actually idyllic. The West Lake is lush, with beautiful rolling hills surrounding the large area of calm and peaceful water. However, here follows our woes with Hangzhou:

  • 1. Chinese tour buses (too numerous)
  • 2. Chinese tourists (too numerous is an understatement)
  • 3. Chinese bicycles (too numerous and too small)
  • 4. Chinese cameras/photography (too numerous and pointed at us too often)



It can definitely be concluded that my fondness for curious citizens wanting photographs has well and truely ended. Iain tried to come to the rescue on many an occasion when it looked like my hair would be the feature of another holiday snap, one such occassion answering "no photos right now sorry, we're too unhappy".

An interesting weekend overall, but not for the reasons we'd quite hoped.




As a last note, take a peek at this not too rare sight...


Naturally a man should always push his Poodle in a pram.